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Blue Light and HEV (High Energy Visible Light) are names used to describe the range of light that our digital screens and artificial lights emit. The "Blue Light" wavelength range overlaps with Invisible UltraViolet Light and Visible Light in terms of intensity. UV rays are known for their dangerous impact on skin, especially with long-term exposure. Blue Light won't burn your skin, but it can be a major threat to your eyes.   

How it Hurts Our Eyes:

Visible Light passes through the Cornea (front of our eye) to the back of the eye where it hits our Retina (and Macula - center of the Retina).  This is how we see all colors! UV Light is absorbed by the Cornea, where it can lead to cataracts and other damage.

The danger of "Blue Light" is that our eyes treat it like the color blue. The problem is that Blue Light (HEV) is more intense than normal visible light (remember that it overlaps with UV and Visible Light). 

The effects of Blue Light penetrating your Retina...

  • Causes eye strain and Headaches. 
  • Affects sleep cycle - artificial blue light especially affects your sleep cycle when you spend time exposed to it at night
  • Leads to retinal Macular Degeneration which is permanent and irreversible. Now although this is age related, we still don't know the full impact of blue light and digital devices because only in the past decade have we really been using devices emitting blue light.

Things you can do today to help:

1. Practice 20-20-20 (for every 20 minutes of screen viewing, you should look away at an object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds) 

2. Use the blue light filter provided with most digital devices (Just so you are aware - these filters only block about 30% of blue light)

3. Buy Anti-Blue Light glasses - Shop KUNA today - our glasses block 85% of the most harmful Blue Light and 99% of UV Light

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