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About Us

When we learned that optometrists offer prescription "computer" glasses that prevent headaches caused by exposure to digital screens, we felt left out. What about those of us who aren't lucky enough to have prescription glasses to protect our eyes? So we started shopping for non-prescription ones right away! We looked everywhere, and even tried a few different pairs, but we were disappointed by the lack of quality and style. So we decided to become the first affordable, name-brand, high-quality, stylish option on the market. It took countless hours of research and development, consulting with leading lens providers, and drawing then re-drawing frames with high quality manufacturers - but we are proud to finally offer the game changing Kuna Glasses.

What Makes Us the Best

Our lenses are tested and re-tested to ensure their world class blue-light blocking ability. Kuna's lenses block up to 85% of the most harmful blue-light and 99% of UV light. Unlike some of our competitors, our lenses have no yellow tint. We use durable lenses rather than coatings to avoid any threat of chipping.

Our acetate frames are the highest quality on the market.  Acetate is more durable, adjustable, and comfortable than regular plastic. High-grade spring hinges finish off our frames with a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Our Customers Say that Kuna Glasses...

  • Reduce eye pain at work and while watching TV
  • Eliminate the glazed over feeling and tears from looking at screens
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Provide them with a more restful night's sleep
  • Feel more comfortable than any other glasses they've worn
  • Give them the sophisticated feeling that comes with wearing glasses
  • .... and more